Afternoon Tea with Eman Lam (林二汶), Musician (14 Nov)

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Meet Eman (林二汶), the renowned singer-songwriter who's also a member of former indie music duo at17.

Date & time: 14 November 2020 2:45-5pm

Location: K11 ATELIER King's Road, 728 King's Road, Quarry Bay

It will be conducted in Cantonese.

What you'll get 

  • Light afternoon tea with Eman and other like-minded individuals (maximum 15 people) 
  • Hear about her journey in the music and entertainment industry (or ask anything you want!) 
  • Acknowledgment as a Donor at the event 
  • Tax-deductible donation receipt in Hong Kong (after deducting the cost of afternoon tea)

    About Eman Lam (林二汶)

    林二汶,獨立音樂人。2002年出道時,為香港最優秀二人唱作女子組合at17成員。at17曾獲多個電台、 電視台頒發我最喜愛及最佳組合獎項。2010年,二汶開設了自己的廠牌 smallmslam ltd,正式成為全獨立音樂人。2015 年,二汶為自己的音樂踏上一個新台階參加《中國好歌曲》。2017年,二汶與香港中樂團合作舉行《林二汶 x 香港中樂團: 最難唱的情歌音樂會》 獨唱演唱會, 2018年,二汶正式簽約加盟Sony Music成為旗下歌手。

    Eman Lam is a well-known musician. She first made her debut in 2002 as a member of the female singer-songwriter duo at17. at17 has been awarded “The Most Popular Group” and “The Best Group” by major TV and radio stations. In 2010, Eman established smallmslam ltd, an independent label led by her unique voice. In 2015, Eman performed on the stage of “Song of China”. In 2017, she worked together with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and performed a solo concert – “Eman & HKCO: The Hardest Love Song to Sing”. In 2018, Eman joined Sony Music and become one of their singers.

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