Dinner with Edward Ma, Secretary-General of Yidan Prize Foundation (25 Jan)

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Meet Edward, Secretary-General of Yidan Prize, which is founded by Tencent Co-Founder Charles Chen with a mission of creating a better world through education.

Date & time: 25 Jan 2021 7:15-9:30pm

Location: to be confirmed 

What you'll get 

  • Light dinner with Edward and other like-minded individuals (maximum 15 people) 
  • Learn how the world's largest education award is changing our world (or ask anything you want!) 
  • Acknowledgment as a Donor at the event 
  • Tax-deductible donation receipt in Hong Kong (after deducting the cost of Dinner)

    About Edward Ma

    Mr Edward Ma is the Secretary-General of the Yidan Prize Foundation in Hong Kong, he joined the foundation in May 2019.

    The Yidan Prize Foundation, founded in 2016 by a core founder of Tencent, Dr Charles Chen Yidan, believes that by recognising the most innovative minds in research and practices around the world and building a global learning community around them, powerful collaborations could be curated to deliver much deeper collective impact on the way people imagine their future and meaningful actions they can take, and to help one another, to live happy, productive lives.

    Edward is an engineer by training at the University of Cambridge. From his unique experience at Cambridge, he felt inspired by all the brilliant minds that surrounded him and learning from passionate people about what they do set him onto the journey of giving his time and efforts to do the right things.

    Born and raised in Hong Kong by a humble family, he deeply appreciates the importance of education and how incredible changes can be made to one’s life by acts of simple kindness.

    Edward currently serves as a Director of the Boards of Wuhan College, a private, not-for-profit university in China, and the Yidan University Education Foundation, both founded by Dr Charles Chen Yidan. His passion in people, philanthropy and education also led him into serving numerous charitable organisations on their boards and executive committees, including the Networks and Volunteers Working Group at the University of Cambridge; the Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, Cambridge; the Outward Bound Hong Kong; the Peace and Development Foundation, an official partner of the United Nations Development Programme; the Friends of Cambridge in Hong Kong and the Oxford and Cambridge Society of Hong Kong, giving back and delivering positive impact to the communities.

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